Transitioning to Preschool: Tips for Parents


Discovering suitable child care in New York City, New York, can be daunting. After all, it’s the first significant step in your child’s education. It’s essential to prepare them in advance for this new experience. Start by discussing what they should expect at preschool, such as making friends and learning new things. Try to visit the preschool with your child before the school year starts so that they can get comfortable with the new surroundings.

Once preschool begins, consistency is vital. Keeping a predictable morning schedule can help prevent resistance to going to school. In this context, daycare can play a significant role. Encourage your little ones to pack their backpack or pick out their clothes to instill feelings of independence and confidence in them. Allowing them to have some control over their routine plays a pivotal role in making a smooth transition.

If your child is younger, infant care might be ideal. Infants have different needs and respond well to routines. If the baby is used to a particular nap time or feeding schedule, keep it consistent even after preschool begins. Babies also need time to adjust to the new environment, so be patient.

On the academic aspect, educational childcare programs are invaluable. They provide structured environments that emphasize cognitive, social, and emotional development. Activities usually aim at improving skills like reading, writing, and math. These programs often embed values like sharing, patience, and good behavior.

Preparing your child for preschool is no easy task, but with patience and much love, your little star will be ready for school in no time.

Considering professional help can make your journey more comfortable. Reach out to us at My Little Stars Child Care for more assistance!

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