Tips for Parents in Potty Training Their Child


Potty training is an important milestone for both parent and child development. While it can be exciting, it can also be very challenging.  Whether it’s your first-time potty training your child or you have extensive experience in infant care, check out this article for some helpful tips.

  • Wait for the Right Timing

    Waiting for the right timing to potty train your child is very important, especially as your child readies to begin their pre-school journey. Some signs of readiness to potty train include a longer duration of staying dry, interest in the bathroom, and increased awareness of their bodily functions. If you notice these signs, then you can begin potty training your child.

  • Create a Routine for Your Child

    Creating a routine is very important, especially for children attending daycare. Consistency will help your child anticipate bathroom breaks which will help potty training to be more seamless. Maintaining a synchronized routine between home and school will help children gain confidence to use the bathroom.

  • Demonstrate the Steps to Your Child

    In making sure that potty training is a success, the demonstration by parents is very important. A toddler learns best when they follow by example. Always take time to demonstrate to your child how to properly use the potty.

Follow the tips above for seamless and effective potty training. Of course, never forget to celebrate your child’s small wins. This way, they’ll be more encouraged to do it. If you’re looking for child care in New York City, New York, that can help your child with potty training, Science, Math, and more, contact us at My Little Stars Child Care.

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