Reading Rocks: Fueling Lifelong Learning in Kids!


Fostering a love of reading is an important element of early childhood education, whether in daycare, infant care, or preschool settings. Here are some inventive ways to make reading enjoyable for children, sparking their imaginations and cultivating a lifetime love of literature.

Encourage children to ask questions, predict what will happen next, and discuss the characters and narrative of the story. This interaction not only improves understanding but also turns reading into a pleasurable shared experience. Props and puppets can be used to enhance storytelling.

You might also introduce children to a variety of genres, such as fairy tales and mysteries, as well as nonfiction and poetry. The variety of reading materials ensures that there is something to stimulate the interest of every child. Create a daily reading routine. Consistency helps children link reading with a pleasant and relaxing activity. Find a time that works best for your child, whether it’s bedtime or mid-morning.

Consider joining or starting a preschool book club with other parents. Reading the same book and then discussing it fosters a sense of community and enables children to express themselves. Finally, children frequently mimic adult behavior. Make yourself a reading role model by showing them how much you like books. Share your excitement for reading, and it will almost certainly rub off on them.

My Little Stars Child Care understands the importance of making reading enjoyable for children. Our infant care and preschool programs are designed to instill a lifetime love of learning, with reading at the forefront. 

We are your trusted choice for child care in New York City, New York since we are dedicated to early childhood education and have a passion for reading. Contact us today to see how we can use the magic of books to enrich your child’s educational journey.

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