Perks of Learning a New Language at an Early Age


It is never too early to start learning a new language; it supports healthy development and provides several cognitive and social benefits for your little one that will last a lifetime. These are only two of the many reasons why we incorporate a Spanish program in our facility.

If you’d like to know the benefits of learning a new language early, allow us here at My Little Stars Child Care, a top-notch provider of child care in New York City, New York, to arm you with the right knowledge!

Below is a list of reasons why learning a new language should be part of any high-quality care and education.

  • Research says that learning a second language improves problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening abilities. This is on top of enhancing children’s memory, focus, and capacity to multitask. Children who are fluent in another language also exhibit increased creativity and mental flexibility.
  • The cognitive gains of language acquisition have a direct influence on a child’s academic progress, too. Bilingual children are known to have better reading, writing, and math skills than non-bilingual kids, and they do better on standardized exams.
  • A child’s interest in a country’s culture, people, and history develops as they begin learning a new language. This implies that early exposure to different languages and cultures raises the likelihood that such children will grow to have favorable attitudes and opinions about different cultures.

To gain more information about this, or perhaps about our other programs, such as infant care, you can message us at any time.

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