Helpful Rules for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time


Many parents are concerned that their children would become so engrossed in an electronic device that they will miss out on playing outside, making dens, positively socializing with others, or engaging in other sorts of pretend play.

It may be unavoidable that children will begin to use gadgets and enjoy doing so. With this in mind, you may want to consider making limits to prevent your toddler from only wanting to use gadgets and missing out on other opportunities.

  • Make Screen Time a Special Treat: Making screen time a special treat sends a clear message that using electronic gadgets is something we should do on occasion and not all the time.
  • Use Educational Apps: Whenever possible, ensure that educational apps that allow children to think and learn are used.
  • Don’t Allow Free Access: Store electronic devices and don’t keep them out for easy access.
  • Participate in Screen Time: This makes the activity more participatory since you may talk about what you see or hear.
  • Be a Good Role Model: Making a concerted effort to break the habit of constant scrolling can help children learn how and when to use gadgets.

If you are concerned that your child is constantly staring at their electronic devices, consider enrolling them in child care in New York City, New York.

One of the many advantages of putting your child in daycare is that children learn to interact with people from an early age. They will become better communicators as they develop social skills through positive interactions with children in childcare.

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